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Welcome visitor, I don't really know how did you ended here but stay for a while, you may even be able to some useful (or at least not too boring) stuff here.

I use that site as a documentation base for various info about projects I'm working on, as well as tips about electronics/informatics. Every content is free and you can use it as you want for your own projects. I will be pleased to give more info and/or answer questions if needed.


Here is a list of current projects I'm working on at the moment, or that I finished, plus some ideas for the future, feel free to email me for any question you have …

Current projects

  • RGB LED strip driver : an ATMega8 based driver for up to 8 RGB common annode LED strips, with an autonomous mode as well as USB interface.

Finished projects

  • Strobe controller : a 555 based 0/10V simple controller intended to drive chained strobes. Features an external input to turn any TTL signal into a 0/10V signal, to relay beat pulses from my chaser's output for example …
  • Chaser : an ATMega48 based power chaser to drive my set of PAR56 lights, with a separated power module, pattern preview and beat detection.
  • UV exposure box timer : an ATMega48 based timer for my UV box to avoid the use of my kitchen timer when making PCB.
  • UV exposure box : A simple UV box to make single side PCBs.



  • PCB making : How I make PCB's without the need of a lot of equipment.


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